Tip Tuesday

It's Tip Tuesday!

Sunday mornings you will find me at my kitchen table with the Sunday paper, my coupon binder, a pen, a calculator and a notepad.  I'll clip coupons first, put them in my coupon binder then look at the circulars for good deals, while matching my coupons and make a list of things to buy.  My meal plan for the week comes from the good deals I get at the stores.  I'm not like the 'Extreme Coupon' show stars but I have had a guy say "I like the way you shop" when he saw my grocery bill whittle down after I handed over my coupons.  I'd love for the entire store to give me an applause, I'm working on that.  

Tip: With a little planning you can save big.


  1. That's so wonderful! :) It's amazing how much you can save. I just wish there were more coupons for basic items....like flour, sugar and stuff like that. I would be *thrilled*!

  2. You can find coupons for name brand sugar. I once got Splenda FREE. It was on sale for 2.99 and I had a $3 off coupon. :) Also, Target puts it's Market Pantry sugar on clearance. I picked up 2 bags at 1.77 each! It's all about hunting. :)