Recipe-Crockpot Hot Chocolate

Who doesn't love Pinterest!?  I found this recipe on Pinterest and I'm glad I did.  I tried this recipe on Wednesday night as part of our Advent calendar of activities.  Yum.  It is seriously the best hot chocolate I've ever had.  EVER!  BTW, my Pinterest page is: if you want to follow me there too.  :)

Let me know what you think of this Crockpot Hot Chocolate.

Recipe-Brocolli Cheese Soup (Recipe 2)

Have you made Broccolli Cheese Soup yet?  You should. :)
This is another recipe from my friend Katy.  Tell her how wonderful this soup is in a comment below.

Recipe-Brocolli Cheese Soup (Recipe 1)

Is it a Broccoli Cheese Soup kinda day?  Pair it with a grilled cheese and you got lunch.  Yum-my!

Recipe-Zuppa Toscana

Like Zuppa Toscana at Olive Garden?  Well, now you can make it yourself.  I had a Girls Night In where this was the main dish, of course there was salad with Olive Garden's signature dressing and homemade cheesecake topped with chocolate chips!

Recipe-Parmesan Noodle Skillet

Kinda a weird mixture of foods but it's good.  Try it and let me know if you liked it.  Parmesan Noodle Skillet

Recipe-Apple Honey Stuffed Chicken Breast

Apple Honey Stuffed Chicken Breast Sounds complicated but it really isn't.  It is so tasty.  I've made this for company a few times now.  It's sure to please!

Recipe-White Chili with Chicken (Recipe 2)

I use to not like cilantro, now I love it and look for all kinds of recipes that call for it.  Here is another White Chili recipe.  Which do you like better?

Recipe-Honey Oatmeal Bread

Our electric company has a little magazine they send monthly in the mail.  Sometimes there are some pretty good recipes in there that readers submit.  This Honey Oatmeal Bread was something I wanted to try.  Glad I did.  It's good!

Recipe-Beef Stroganoff

Back of the gravy jar is where this Beef Stroganoff recipe caught my eye.  It's pretty good.  What do ya say? 

Recipe-Pecan Crusted Chicken

I remember the first time I made this I was worried it wouldn't taste that great, but it did!  Husband liked it too.  Another recipe for those Texas pecans: Pecan Crusted Chicken

Recipe-Skillet Calzone

Rhodes frozen dough is what I make into loaves for this recipe.  It's a hearty meal the family will eat right up.

Put Skillet Calzone on your meal plan this coming week.

Recipe-Baked Lemon Chicken

Post made 4/6/12:

My neighbor Rachel was the happiest person I have ever met.  Always smiling and laughing.  One year for Christmas she brought over some Meyer Lemons from her garden.  I ate them like an orange.  They were so good!  I wanted to make something delicous with them so I looked and looked through recipe books.  I found this: Baked Lemon Chicken.  Ms. Rachel has been walking with Jesus for one year and four months and one day.  I miss her terribly.

Recipe-Spicy Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas

These 'dillas are good!  Another thing I crave from time to time.  I hosted a Girls Night In and cooked these bad boys up.  My friend STILL rave about this Girls Night In because there was some fabulous mexican rice and beans that my Grandma made to accompany the 'dillas.  This was like years ago!

Tip Tuesday

Making a meal plan or menu plan is a great help.  The plan lets your family know what to eat and what to look forward to.  Since it is a 'plan' you know what to buy at the store!  You just make your grocery list accordingly.  I like having the plan posted in my kitchen to remind me to defrost the meat!  Do you make meal/menu plans? Please share an example of a plan!

I know people that eat the same things over and over and over.  I don't know if they don't know how to make anything else or lack the creativity to whip up and try new and exciting dishes.  I have plenty of recipe books to look through for inspiration.  Pinterest is certianly enticing with all their lovely photos of things to make!  I have a "I'm a foodie" board.  See:

Today's tip: Need inspiration?  Look through your child's school Lunch Menu for ideas!
Pick and choose through all the healthy ideas to create your own menu.  The guess work for choosing sides is already done for you.  ~Awesome~ 
Here are a couple of examples:

Teriyaki Chicken
Brown Rice
Roasted Broccoli and Peppers
Fresh Fruit

Chicken Pot Pie
Wheat Roll
Sliced Peaches

Find something you don't know how to make or want to mix up how you usually make it? You can search Kitchen Notes for the dishes, look in cookbooks, Google it, or Pinterest search it..

Recipe-Easy Chicken Pot Pie

You always know whats cooking when the house smells like thyme, right?  Pot Pies!