Recipe-Texas Pecan Cheeseball

Looking for something to do with all those pecans you picked and cracked open?  My Grandma decorates frosted cakes with them.  I always loved going to Grandma's house as a kid and sitting out in her backyard cracking and eating pecans.  Our first house that my husband and I bought was in a tiny town that had tons of pecan trees.  We to would sit out on the deck and eat 'em.  We live in a different tiny town now and we went down to a local pecan farm and bought 2 pecan trees to have in our yard. 
By the way I say "pick-ons" not 'pea-cans.'  How do you say it?

How do you use your pecans?  I use 'em in homemade pies and I use 'em to coat the outside of a cheeseball. Texas Pecan Cheeseball makes a great appetizer paired with some crackers or crunchy breadsticks.

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