Tip Tuesday

If there is a good deal at Target I'm there picking it up.  You would think I just got a present in the mail when you see how excited I get seeing the Target booklet of coupons sitting in my mailbox.  At Target they let you stack coupons; that means you can use the Target coupon + a manufacture coupon for an item.  Meaning big savings.  For example, GoGurt is $2.25, you have a GoGurt Target coupon for $.50 off + you have a GoGurt manufacture coupon for $1 off.  You pay $.75!  Not bad, huh?

Tip: Find ways to stack coupons where you shop.


  1. I just started doing some of my grocery shopping at Target. I like it. I need to start using coupons. I did it years ago.

  2. A lot of people say Target is too expensive to go grocery shopping there..but I save LOTS!